Visa Check Card

We offer Visa Check cards with most account types except Money Market and Regular Savings accounts.

If your Visa Check card is lost or stolen, please call 1-844-428-5199.

Travel Notifications

TRAVEL WITHIN THE U.S. – :  Please contact us at 817-569-6226 or 903-989-2235 or sign in to CapTex Online Banking to send us a secure message and let us know if you plan to use your Visa Check Card when traveling within the U.S.  If you do not contact us, you will be required to use your PIN for POS transactions and ATM transactions are set at lower limits.

TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF U.S. – Please contact us at 817-569-6226 or 903-989-2235 or sign in to CapTex Online Banking to send us a secure message and let us know of your international travel plans to ensure you will be able to use your Visa Check Card.

ATM Services

Your Visa Check card gives you access to your bank account 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. You may obtain cash or check your balance at any ATM nationwide that is on the Cirrus, Plus, Pulse or Money Pass system. Transactions are surcharge-free when you use your Visa Check Card at Money Pass ATMs.  If you would like to get a Visa Check card to go along with your checking account, stop by any of our convenient locations today.

ATM locations:

Report Lost or Stolen Visa Check Card

If you believe your VISA Check Card or PIN has been lost or stolen, call us immediately at 817-569-6226 or 903-989-2235.

After hours or weekends: 1-844-428-5199

Visa Check Card Security

  1. Treat your Visa Check card like it is cash and keep it in a safe place
  2. Keep your “secret code” a secret
  3. Never disclose your pin number (secret code) to anyone, not a cashier or even a bank employee
  4. Report a lost or stolen Visa Check card immediately
  5. Block the view of others when making a purchase with your Visa Check card
  6. Make sure the transaction is complete before leaving

ATM Security

  1. Always observe the ATM surroundings before getting out of your car or conducting your transaction
  2. If anything looks suspicious, cancel your transaction and leave
  3. Try to choose an ATM that is in a populated, well lit area
  4. Try to avoid using an ATM alone at night
  5. Minimize your time spent at an ATM
  6. Block the view of others when conducting a transaction
  7. If you notice a suspicious device is attached to the ATMs card slot or keypad, do not use it and report your findings to the financial institution that operates the ATM